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Darbuotojų saugos ir sveikatos specialistė Erika Butkutė Darbuotojų saugos ir sveikatos specialistė Erika Butkutė
Every working person has to check his health. For many this seems as a formality involving a lot of time. However, an employer who ensured that his employees would check their health, first of all, this way knows, whether or not an employee can work in certain working conditions; secondly, a medical examination hinders the search for occupational diseases. The Labour Code, the Law on Safety and Health of Employees and other provisions of acts of law prescribe the rules of the mandatory medical examination of employees. These acts of law indicate that a mandatory medical examination is necessary in order to evaluate whether the persons who are starting a job and those who are working can do the job they have chosen in specific working conditions. It is strived to safeguard the health of those who are starting to work and those who are already working against the possible occupational risk influence in order to avoid traumas or some other damage to the health of employee.
Our experience showed that when an employee arrives at a medical facility often all of the necessary documents are not submitted or they are incorrectly filled-out, which prolongs the medical procedure – in some companies, because the time is unduly wasted by the employee and the employer the work process is hindered. Thus, in order to help the employers Sabelija Ltd. suggests its help with employees – a medical examination module - medical examination at the company. This is done in order in a short amount of time and which is convenient for an employer to check the health of the employees and also to organize all of the appropriate documentation (company’s health evaluation is conducted, conclusions are given, commandments and schedules are readied, medical cards and contingent affirmation documents are filled-out).
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