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Profesinės rizikos vertinimo centro vadovė Renata Motiejūnienė Profesinės rizikos vertinimo centro vadovė Renata Motiejūnienė
The director of the company is responsible for civil safety readiness and organization in a company.
I. The purpose of the civil safety system:
1. Is to help the directors, if the extreme situations are imminent or they have already emerged, to avoid them or to incur as less damage as possible;
2. Is to maintain peace, to preserve the life, possessions of his or his employees and environment;
3. If extreme situations are impending or they have already emerged, to ensure the optimal use of the company’s material resources;
4. Is to prepare the employees for hands-on actions, if the extreme situations are impending or they have already emerged;
5. Is to warn and inform the employees about the impending or emerged extreme situation, possible outcomes, outcome removal means and safety measures.
II. An extreme situation is a state, which forms due to the environmental, technical, ecological, social reasons or actions of war and it conditions a quick and huge danger to the human lives or health, possessions, environment or it causes death, injury or material losses.
The types of reasons of extreme situations:
1) Environmental reasons are clear changes of climate conditions, which cause elemental disasters (a very heavy storm, squall, freezing rain, snow storm, heat wave), mass forests and peatbogs fires, geologically dangerous phenomenon, very dangerous or mass epidemics (humans, animals, plants);
2) Technical reasons are various technological processes’ malfunctions, which cause fires, explosions, chemical and radioactive pollutants get into the environment, buildings collapse, various vehicle accidents occur, energetics (electricity, heat, gas, utility’s emergencies) and other extreme events specific to industrial objects and communications occur;
3) Ecological reasons are those, which produce the changes in the condition of the land, atmospheric composition and characteristics and in hydrosphere’s condition (pollution of the environment’s air, water and soil; nuclear accident, pollution with oil products);
4) Social reasons are mass riots and unrests, theft of electronic data or malfunction, taking a person hostage, diversions, acts of terrorism, mass influx of foreigners, as well as actions of war in the territory of Lithuania or a neighbour country;
5) Other extreme event is a high flammability, a dangerous find, the destruction of a cultural object, the disorder of people’s health, changes in psychological condition, cases of death due to the contamination, poisoning or physical conditioning.
III. Enquire, whether property operators in your vicinity do not pose any danger to you or to your employees (e.g., there is a gas station not far from you. You can’t be sure of its safety. That’s why you have to ensure the safety of your business and your employees).


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