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A constant execution of employees’ safety and health functions is a secure benefit for the employer:
1. It minimizes the responsibility;
2. The troubles are removed;
3. A secure work environment;
4. Questions are answered;
5. A development of successful and promising business.
The Labour Code of Lithuanian Republic, the Law on Safety and Health of Employees and other Acts commit the employer to ensure the secure working conditions for the employees.
The employer who seeks to ensure the employees’ safety and health may nominate one or more employees’ safety and health specialists, or he may establish the Employees’ Safety and Health Department, and (or) conclude an agreement with a licensed natural or (and) legal entity on providing the work’s safety and health services. In all cases, based on the size of the company and the employee’s occupational risk, there has to be enough safety and health specialists in order for them to organize the employees’ safety and health preventive measures in the company.
Our company is ready to help you to fulfil all of the requirements of the statutes of law in executing the employees’ safety and health functions.
Sabelija Ltd. has the right to provide the services of executing the functions of the Employees’ Safety and Health Department in the companies according to the license No. DSSL-5, which has been issued by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania on 4th of August, 2008.


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