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Building property management is an integrated service, which guarantees a long-term and effective functioning of the building’s systems and energy resources management.
In the year of 2011, Sabelija Ltd. total supervised territory of the buildings was 500,000 square meters. Sabelija Ltd. provides its services in all of the territory of Lithuania.
Those clients who cooperate with our company can save part of their bankroll, that they spend on wages and specialised equipment buying, because usually the employees do not have a 100% work load. We divide these expenditures to a couple of buildings; concentrate on their main business, without trying to solve the problem on how to effectively use up their people, with whom they can be changed in the event of sickness and holidays, how to raise their qualification, productivity, etc.; solve all of the problems and exercises with the help of professionals. Usually, this cannot be achieved while working with their own people.
We are trying to create a comfortable environment for the people who work and visit the buildings, which are supervised by Sabelija Ltd.
Why us?
1. A time-tested team is not afraid of risk and responsibility in solving all and the most complex problems of building property management.
2. Flexibility in forming service packages and principles of cooperation, which correspond to the specific needs of the client.
3. A special compatibility of price and quality.


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